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Ewan McGregor To Star In Espionage Thriller Our Kind Of Traitor

Considering the last feature adaptation of a John LeCarre novel we got was the fantastic Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy it's not hard to see why any actor would jump at the chance to star in another movie based on one of his books. And that's exactly what Ewan McGregor is doing.

The Daily Mail is reporting the news that the Star Wars prequels star has signed on for an upcoming adaptation of Our Kind of Traitor, a new film based on LeCarre's 2010 espionage novel. The book's plot follows a British university lecturer named Perry and his lawyer girlfriend Gail who one day have a mysterious run-in with a Russian businessman. Believing Perry to be a spy or at least be in league with spies, the man confesses that he is the world's biggest money launderer and that he wants to turn himself in so that he can get protection from a man known as The Prince, the new leader of the criminal underworld. The article doesn't mention what role McGregor will play in the film, but one can presume that he will play the lead. Justin Kurzel, who directed the 2011 Aussie thriller The Snowtown Murders is set to helm the project, but there's no mention of who will be writing the script.

According to the source McGregor won't begin work on Our Kind of Traitor until he has completed Julius Avery's Son of a Gun, which is set to start production soon. The Scottish star was most recently featured in the Tsunami drama The Impossible and will next be seen in Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Slayer.

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