It's not always fun to watch real-life couples play a couple on the screen-- sometimes the chemistry that makes them happy in real life fails miserably on film. But take that couple and put them in a high-stakes situation they'd never encounter in real life-- like, say, running away from gangsters-- and you've got a different situation entirely.

So who won't want to see how real-life pair Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard fare in Hit & Run, a comedy in which Shepard plays a reformed sketchy guy now engaged to a cute girl (Bell) who really, really needs to get to Los Angeles. To get her there, he breaks out of the witness protection program and opens himself up to harassment from both the feds (led by Tom Arnold) and the more troublesome guys from his past. I can tell you that Bradley Cooper plays one of those guys, but you might not believe me until you see him and his dreadlocks for yourself in this exclusive new TV spot we're premiering below. Take a look:

Shepard isn't just starring in the film, but he also wrote the script and co-directs along with David Palmer. If you're curious about how the actor fares with taking on such a huge project-- and bringing his fiancee along for the ride-- check out Hit & Run in theaters on August 22nd.

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