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In less than two weeks, the Phil Lord and Chris Miller-directed action comedy 21 Jump Street makes its way into theaters. Based on comments I’ve seen, it seems some people are excited to see if the movie is as funny as the trailers, while others have complained that the film looks nothing like the TV series on which it's based. I’m among the former group, so this extended red-band trailer, courtesy of MTV only serves to make me even more eager to see the movie. It clocks in at just under five minutes and includes strong language.

A lot of the footage seems familiar from the previously released trailers, though the above video certainly offers more of a look at the plot and humor, as stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum infiltrate a high school, mix up their own identities, and attempt to blend in among their “peers.” There also seems to be a mystery involved as they attempt to figure out who’s supplying drugs to the students.

If the movie turns out to be a winner, we may have more to look forward to. Word is, a sequel is already in the works.

21 Jump Street arrives in theaters on March 16. More information, photos and videos can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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