Extended Footage Is Impressive, But The Goon Is Still Without A Home

Knowing absolutely nothing about Eric Powell’s comic book series The Goon, it’s been pretty easy to let any news of the film adaptation slide right under my radar – until now. The Comic-Con panel was held last night and has been stirring up a ton of positive buzz. Apparently test footage was shown, which was basically just an extended version of the teaser trailer released last week, and the panel attendees went nuts and it’s a good thing because The Goon is missing one major piece of the filmmaking puzzle, financing. It has yet to secure a studio.

However, showing off footage like this, I doubt that will be a problem for much longer. MTV posted that extended clip shown at the panel and it’s packed with brutality, vulgarity and stellar animation thanks to Blur Studios. It features the voice of Clancy Brown as The Goon, a muscled up guy who claims to be the brawn behind a mafia boss. Paul Giamatti voices Franky, The Goon’s buddy and right-hand man. Check out the footage for yourself below and support the cause because this is certainly one I’d like to see in its entirety.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.