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Facebook Thriller XOXO Picked Up By Lionsgate

This past summer a report came out saying that Mark Heyman, one of the writers of Black Swan, was shopping around a new drama called XOXO. Similar to Fatal Attraction, the basic description of the plot was about a young man who begins flirting with a girl on Facebook who ends up becoming obsessed with him. Today the project took a major leap forward and more details about the story have been revealed.

According to Variety, XOXO has been picked up by Lionsgate and heads of production Alli Shearmur and Mike Paseornek have been assigned the project (Darren Aronofsky and Michael London are also still signed on as producers). Building on the plot description above - and actually describing the script as "Fatal Attraction for the digital age" - apparently the protagonist is both engaged and an "on-the-rise" executive who likes occasionally taking part in online flirting through Facebook. The trade also sites that the movie will play around with concepts like "misleading digital identities" and other forms social media. As initially reported, there's a plan to spice the film up with stylized visual sequences so that the movie isn't just two people sitting in front of computer monitors for two hours, but a director has not yet signed on.

As much as I love Black Swan, I'm still not entirely sold on this project. The concept of a guy being stalked by a crazy lady has been done to death. I will say that the stylized visual sequences do intrigue me, but it'll be hard to tell what direction that goes in until a director is attached. Until that happens, I remain skeptical.

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