The mockumentary is an underutilized method of delivering a cinematic story, especially in the gimmick-friendly horror genre. And I don’t mean like The Office, either. I mean films that generally blend narrative with different visual techniques to help the story feel more genuine and real. Movies like The Last Broadcast, Lake Mungo and Incident at Loch Ness are standouts not only because they’re arguably great films, but because there hasn’t been a flood of knock-offs like the proper found-footage genre has been hit with.

It is with open arms that we welcome Christopher MacBride’s secret society horror The Conspiracy into our lives, now that XLrator Media has stepped in and snagged the U.S. distribution rights. The film was surprise hit at last year’s Fantastic Fest, and then nothing much was heard of it until now, though no release plans were mentioned in the release unfortunately.

“Christopher’s riveting film explores the fascinating world of the Illuminati, conspiracy theorists, and secret societies, said XLrator CEO Barry Gordon. “The Conspiracy is a cinematic thrill ride that challenges our notions of what is ‘truth’ and reveals those shadowy forces that will do anything to control it.” I’m assuming nothing is hidden in the paintings of famous Renaissance artists.

The film features Aaron Poole (Copper) and James Gilbert (The Corridor) as two filmmakers making a film with a whacko conspiracy theorist as their subject. When the man goes missing, the duo get mixed up in a secret society plot with ties going back hundreds of years. The plot is based on real-world conspiracy theories, particularly the ones about the Bilderberg Group and the The Bohemian Club , both of which are frequented by affluent, high-ranking members of society. There has to be something kooky going on, right? We shall soon see.

Check out the film’s convincing trailer below.


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