Good day, zealots for all things horned and hooved. I suppose we’re all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see which studio or indie filmmaker (or Syfy, elder gods willing) will be the first to put a horror spin on the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370. Will it be aliens? Will it be ghostly hijacking? Perhaps a genre twist on a Non-Stop sequel where Liam Neeson gets text messages from a rip in reality’s fabric before he punches it in the face. I bet good money Blumhouse puts something out by the year’s end.

In mini-news, skateboarder-turned-designer Eli Morgan Gesner’s feature debut Condemned is about an infection turning a squalid apartment building into a den of psychos, and it’ll be the first feature role for Dylan Penn, the daughter of master thesps Sean Penn and Robin Wright. We've got the anthology A Christmas Horror Story coming from some of the filmmakers behind Splice, Darknet and the Ginger Snaps sequels. And speaking of anthologies, Legendary head Thomas Tull has not forgotten about the proposed sequel to the cult fave Trick ‘r Treat, and says director Mike Dougherty is writing the script and "hopefully we’ll be shooting that in the near not-too-distant future." Woo! And from that super good news to marginally interesting news we go.

Amityville May Have Found Its Director
While sequels and remakes for 1978’s The Amityville Horror are as plentiful as the windows on the spooky house at the original’s center, Hollywood still clings to the "remake it and they will come" template to approaching horror, and the upcoming Amityville is going the extra modernist mile with its found footage approach to the material. The film may have landed its director, if BloodyDisgusting’s sources are correct, as Blumhouse Productions and Dimension Films are possibly in negotiations with filmmaker Franck Khalfoun to take over the position originally set for Crystal Lake Memories director Daniel Farrands and Grind’s Casey La Scala.

No word on why those two left, but Khalfoun is an intriguing replacement, as he directed one of my favorite horrors from 2013, the completely polarizing serial killer flick Maniac. With that film, he utilized a first-person P.O.V. that didn’t feel anything like a found footage film, and was more in line with Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void. It’s sad that Khalfoun, who also directed 2007’s P2, is back-stepping from that somewhat novel approach for this budget-saving faux doc, which is set to follow a news intern who brings together a group of "experts" in different fields to figure out what happened on Ocean Ave, only to unleash an even greater evil. Amityville is already set for a theatrical release on January 2, 2015, so expect to hear some casting news soon.

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