Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum: The New Jack The Giant Slayer Trailer Is Here

December 15, 2011. That was the day that the first ever trailer for Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Killer premiered - but there have been a couple changes since then. For one, the movie is actually titled Jack The Giant Slayer now, but more importantly back then the preview was released in advance of a June 15, 2012 release date that never actually happened.

Finally, however, Warner Bros. is getting to show the new action-adventure movie to audiences, a little more than half a year past the original planned date. The film, which has an impressive cast that includes Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane, Bill Nighy, and Ewan McGregor, will be coming to a theater near you on March 1, 2013, and as teased by Singer last week we now have a brand new trailer to show you. Check it out below and be sure to head over to Apple (opens in new tab) to see it in its highest resolution.

A retelling of the classic tale written by Christopher McQuarrie, Darren Lemke, and Dan Studney, Jack The Giant Slayer weaves the tale of an ordinary young man named Jack (Hoult) who gets caught up in the long-lasting conflict between the races of men and giants. When the peace between the two species is broken, though, Jack finds himself as part of a rescue mission climbing up the giant beanstalk to help rescue a kidnapped princess (Tomlinson) from the monsters.

Still haven't seen enough and want to see more from the new movie? Well, you're in luck! Head on over to our Blend Film Database to see even more from Jack The Giant Slayer.

Eric Eisenberg
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