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Given the daily announcements of this reboot or that prequel, it's depressing out there for a screenwriter. The iconic dream of writing an original script and hitting it big overnight often seems to have faded into impossibility. Consider, then, the case of new screenwriter Lauryn Kahn, as delivered by THR. Kahn just sold a spec comedy script entitled He's Fucking Perfect to Fox 2000 for somewhere around a million bucks. It's being produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Cynicism be damned! The dream is alive!

Well, sort of. One small but crucial detail is that Kahn had a nice little in: she's worked as McKay's assistant at Ferrell and McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions for several years now. An assistant gig is hardly the magical skeleton key to making it big in Hollywood, but it certainly didn't hurt her chances of selling a comedy script that she was working for two of the biggest players in that genre. It's just another example of the truth that success is a strange alchemical mixture of drive, passion, talent, and luck. She could have worked that job for a decade, but if she didn't have the chops and discipline to actually churn out a solid script when the opportunity presented itself, she'd still be just another Hollywood dreamer.

As for the script itself, He's Fucking Perfect tells the story of a cynical gal who spends her time using the Internet to evaluate the men her friends date, looking for dark secrets and red flags. Her cold veneer begins to chip when the new guy one of her friends starts dating seems to be perfect... for her. She sets about trying to break the two of them up so she can snatch him up for herself, and pits all her online ninja skills to the task of making herself irresistible to him.

It'll also be interesting to see what bland, generic title they slap on it if the film gets release, because there's no way we're getting a He's Fucking Perfect one-sheet. It will follow in the same footsteps as Fuck Buddies, which eventually became No Strings Attached. Only better, hopefully.