The Fifth Estate, the story about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, didn’t receive an extremely wide theatrical release and didn’t manage to make back its budget theatrically. There may have not been a ton of theatrical interest, but if The Fifth Estate was one you were wanting to catch, you won’t have too long to wait. The film is headed onto Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD beginning on January 28, 2014.

Fifth Estate

It might seem weird that director Bill Condon hopped from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 to The Fifth Estate, but there are dots to connect the two projects. Condon has been a part of movies on both epic and down-to-earth scales, and he gained early successes with biopics like Gods and Monsters and Kinsey. This time around, he told a more contemporary story and hired it-man Benedict Cumberbatch to take on the tough task of playing Julian Assange.

Josh Singer wrote the script for the film, which follows Assange and his partner Daniel Domscheit-Berg as they delve into the world of politics and journalism simultaneously, gaining attention with Wikileaks and forever altering the way the world looks at classified information in the age of the Internet. Eventually, the relationship between the two men severs over a whole host of complicated legal issues, leaving a moral grey area and arguably the most divisive website in history. It’s fascinating and infuriating and regardless of how you feel about whistleblowers, worth consuming since it really does make an effort to present a complicated and balanced take on the much-discussed events.

You can pre-order The Fifth Estate over at Amazon or check out the short, but extremely precise list of bonus features, below.

The Fifth Estate Extras
  • "The Submission Platform: Visual Effects" (10:17) - From conception and pre-viz, through on-set photography and post, this featurette will explore the VFX challenges of bringing the submission platform to life.
  • "In Camera: Graphics" (6:22) - A study of the techniques and work involved in capturing the on screen graphics in camera, and allowing realistic interaction with the actors’ performances.
  • "Scoring Secrets" (9:15) - A detailed examination of the soundscape created by both the composer Carter Burwell as he records his score, and the film’s music supervisor as songs are chosen for the unique soundtrack.
  • Trailers & TV Spots - Theatrical Trailer (2:32), Titles (:30), Button (:30), Estates (:30), Decide (:30), Critics Review (:30), and Untold Story (:15)

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