There are now two movies based on Twilight fan fiction in development. Sure, all of you have heard about Fifty Shades of Grey, the the BDSM novel written by E.L. James currently in development at Universal, but now, whether you can believe it or not, there is actually a second bit of fan fiction that will be getting the film treatment.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Constantin Film has paid a "mid-six-figure fee" for Beautiful Bastard, the book written by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings (under the name Christina Lauren) that was originally written and published as The Office, digital Twilight fan fiction that Hobbs released back in 2009. The story centers on a young ingenue named Chloe Mills who takes a internship at a media conglomerate while getting her MBA. While there she carries on a "torrid love-hate relationship" with her boss, a man named Bennett Ryan. The novel itself hits bookshelves today (funny timing for this announcement, no?) , and though it seems a writer hasn't been hired yet to adapt the story, Resident Evil's Jeremy Bolt is attached as a producer.

So is this the deal that we're going to have to live with? Stephenie Meyer doesn't want to make any more Twilight books so studios resort to half-baked erotic fiction based on literature that wasn't of any quality to begin with? I was happy in November when the sparkly vampire franchise came to an end, not because I was sick of the movies in any way, but because they were exhausting to keep hearing about. But this means that the very immediate effect of Twilight will still be felt for years to come...

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