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The writer/director tag team behind 1995's thriller masterpiece Se7en are getting back in the ring to tackle The Reincarnation of Peter Proud based on the novel of the same name. Seasoned thriller director David Fincher will be at the helm with Andrew Kevin Walker (who also wrote one of my favorites, Brainscan) at the quill and ink.

The novelized Peter Proud was written in 1973 by Max Ehrlich who at the same time adapted his story into a screenplay to be later directed by J. Lee Thompson. According to THR, Proud is about a college professor who starts seeing progressively more terrifying visions of what he discovers to be a past life. When he reconnects with people who were a part of the life he once lived, he realizes he may be in more danger than he had planned on.

Tossed into the mix is a weird subplot involving Peter getting touchy-feely with the daughter of the man he lived as in his previous life making for some sort of wacky roundabout incest. Whether or not that part will play out in this new, modernized version of the story we don't know, but in this America I can imagine that anything where the term “incest” comes into play is going to be played way, way down.

Columbia will be producing as soon as Fincher wraps up his latest film, Facebook origin story The Social Network.