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Take the Toy Story trilogy out of the equation, and Andrew Stanton’s two masterpieces -- WALL-E and Finding Nemo -- compete for title of Absolute Favorite Pixar film. I know, that’s kind of cheating. But the Toy Story films belong on their own pedestal, and the rest can be judged accordingly. All of this is a long-ish way of setting up Finding Nemo’s return to theaters with a 3D upgrade, and a new trailer teasing it for audiences has arrived online. We have it below.

“Long time, no sea,” indeed. Why is Nemo my favorite? For so many reasons. Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres are perfectly cast in the vocal roles of Marlin and Dory, the fish in pursuit of the abducted clown fish in Stanton’s story. Also, stop and think how long it took to recreate the ocean, with the simulation of shimmering water. The attention to detail is mindblowing. Also, Nemo taught me how movies are viewed through different prisms based on your personal experiences. The first time I screened it in theaters, I appreciated it as a Pixar effort. But the second time I caught up with Nemo on DVD, my wife and I learned we were expecting our first baby …and the father-son bond underlying Nemo overwhelmed me. It was breathtaking.

I’ll chase that same high when Nemo returns to theaters for a limited engagement on Sept. 14. Disney and Pixar are building off the box-office success of The Lion King in 3D, which lured far more ticket-buyers than I would have guessed. So even if you own Nemo at home, do you still think you’ll head to the movie theater to check it out in 3D?