Seriously, how jealous are you of Jason Segel's life right now? He's not only got the enviable job of writing the first Muppet movie in over 15 years, but he gets to star in it too, palling around with Gonzo and Kermit and all the rest… for his job. It's as if he finished shooting Forgetting Sarah Marshall in gorgeous Hawaii with gorgeous Mila Kunis and figured out the only way to top that experience.

Now thanks to this week's Entertainment Weekly, we've got our first look not just at Segel hanging with his Muppet pals, but at the brand-new Muppet, Walter (seen in the second scan holding an iPhone), who will make his debut in the film. Walter is described as an "Everypuppet" who grew up idolizing the famous Muppets we all know and love. He lives with his roommate Gary (Segel), who is also a die-hard Muppet fan. As Segel explains it:

"Walter has a little bit of a self-confidence issue because he's the only person like him that he's seen aside from the Muppets. His dream is to meet the Muppets and be around people who are like him."

The film's plot kicks off when Gary and Walter stage a Muppet reunion in order to save the original Muppet Theater, bringing back Miss Piggy and Fozzie and all the Muppets Walter has grown up admiring. It's the classic "let's put on a show!" setup that inspired many a classic musical, and given the songwriting skills Segel demonstrated in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, he seems like the perfect guy to do it. Check out the two scans below that introduce us to Walter, and keep an eye out for more high-res versions-- or maybe even more images-- to debut at before too long.

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