When you're a priest hunting vampires in the Old West, you're probably not going to look like a normal guy. But the first image of Paul Bettany in Scott Stewart's Priest has hit the movie's official site, and man, Bettany has never looked stranger.

I like the way the image takes advantage of Bettany's extra-terrestrial giant blue eyes, and even if he's not actually bald in the film, the image gives the impression, making him look like some kind of cult leader. Will there be a giant cross on his forehead throughout the film? Who knows! It's a vampire movie!

Last time I tried to figure out the plot of priest on Wikipedia, I left more confused than ever, so I'm not about to try to explain anything else about the image. Just revel in its weirdness, and look forward to Bettany going a little crazy in 2010.

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