Recently we showed you some sneaky shots behind the scenes of Jay Roach's upcoming political comedy Dog Fight, starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. But now Warner Brothers has released the first official photo to promote the movie's brand new—though painfully banal—title The Campaign. EW reveals the story begins with Cam Brady (Ferrell) a well-established Southern Congressman whose hold on his seat is threatened when a public scandal paves the way for Beltway outsider Marty Huggins (Galifianakis) to challenge him in the fast-approaching election.

It's a setup one could easily glean from the smartly selected promo photo above. With his short stature, schlubby suit, and intimidated countenance Galifianakis' character looks woefully out of his depths as he looks upon Ferrell's dapper politico. For his part, Ferrell, who has had plenty of practice playing oily politicians with his various appearances on stage and screen as President George W. Bush, oozes a smarmy confidence in this shot. Here he, actually looks to be channeling former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, which is fitting since Brady's career-threatening scandal—like Edwards—is of a sexual nature. Ferrell explains:
"I have a bit of an ethical slip. I leave a highly sexual message on a very Christian family's answering machine, thinking I'm calling my mistress.''

Now, we know from Anchorman what kind of comedic genius Ferrell can wring from a phone call, so this goofy gaffe seems brimming with potential. Personally, I'm hoping for a squirm-inducing scene where Brady is made to listen to the tape by a journalist, forcing him to maintain a calm exterior to play against the surely insane sex talk. Aside from the compelling pairing of Ferrell and Galifianakis, who are both known for their go-for-broke comedy styles, The Campaign also has in its corner the keen comedy crafter who helmed Austin Powers and Meet the Parents-- along with the politically astute TV movies Game Change and Recount. Add to this a cast that includes Jason Sudeikis and John Lithgow, and you have one of the most promising comedies of summer 2012.

The Campaign opens August 10th.

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