Principle photography on the Robert Rodriguez produced Predators has come to a close, so naturally we're going to start seeing bits and pieces from production trickle onto the interwebs and start whetting our appetite for the Nimrod Antal helmed sci-fi reboot. Today, we get our first real look at the characters and a bit of the wild setting of the Predators' home planet.

The images showed up over at AVP Galaxy but mostly look like they're from the personal camera of one of the film's meat shields, Oleg Taktarov. The photos are all very obviously amateurish, but you get your first look at a commandoed out Adrien Brody, a bloodied Topher Grace, and the beautiful if not a little dirty Alice Braga. It will certainly be interesting to see just how this unlikely cast will come together in the final product.

You may also notice that in the few glimpses of Pred-architecture that their world doesn't seem to be looking like some perverted Lego land like in AVP-R. Overall these photos are a nice preview of things to come, and it's looking positive so far. Reboots are always a tricky situation, especially of such loved properties as Predator, so lets hope that the next batch of marketing will get us even more excited to see invisible jungle predators blasting people's limbs off.


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