While we've been seeing a good amount of material for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows in recent weeks, with the occasional new still popping up every once and a while, but the other new Burton project, Frankenweenie, hasn't been getting nearly as much attention - which is too bad as it's the project that I am much more excited for. While the filmmaker has strayed from his Beetlejuice/Edward Scissorhands roots in recent years, Frankenweenie promises to be a return to Burton's original style, and not simply because it's a feature version of a short film he made back in the mid-80s. Because the movie isn't due out for another eight months or so, chances are that we still have some time to wait for a full-on marketing onslaught, but today we do have the first official poster for the movie.

Posted over on the film's official Facebook page, the one-sheet is actually a motion poster with flashing lightning, but unfortunately it doesn't seem as though there is a way to embed it. Check it out below and head over to the source to see it in full effect.

While I do like this poster, as it works as a nice tease for the film, the one thing that bugs me is the "From The Director of Alice in Wonderland" at the top. I get that his last film was the highest grossing of his career, but the truth is that it was also one of the worst and stylistically doesn't fit at all with Frankenweenie. You would think Disney would at least be okay with "From The Producer of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Featuring the voice talents of Winona Ryder, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short, Martin Landau, Tom Kenny, and Charlie Tahan, Frankenweenie is due out in theaters on October 5th. To learn more about the film, head over to our Blend Film Database.

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