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Of all of the Wizard of Oz sequels claiming they're going to happen, Dorothy of Oz is the first one to make good on its promise. In production over at Alpine Pictures, a new teaser website has popped up on the intertubes to give people a bit of an idea of what to expect once this new animated feature hits next April, and showing off a brief bit of the soundtrack.

Directed by long-time animator Dan St. Pierre, the film stars Kelsey Grammer as the Tin Man, Dan Akroyd as the Scarecrow, Jim Belushi as the Lion (formerly Cowardly, I love that), and Martin Short as the new villain taking over for the Wicked Witch of the West, The Jester. Still no news about who will play the lead role of Dorothy, but the site claims the announcement is coming soon. The site gives you a brief glimpse at what these characters will look like and the crew page hints heavily at it leaning towards the musical side, which makes sense.

Here is the official synopsis of the story:

Dorothy returns to Kansas to find it devastated by the tornado that had whisked her away to the magical Land of Oz. The home she had been so desperate to return to is no longer; the townspeople, with nowhere to turn, are packing up and moving out. However, before Dorothy can even begin to react to or resist this change, she is transported back to Oz by equally magical methods as her first trip. Oz is in trouble, and the people there need her help: Dorothy's old friends - the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion - have disappeared and the land is in a state of decay. As Dorothy journeys to find her friends, she encounters a number of new companions and problems, including a man made of marshmallows who can't think for himself, a china doll princess whose bossiness is a cover for her fragility, and a tugboat with as many personalities as he has pieces. Dorothy must help this odd group band together against a wicked new villain - a jester who thinks all of Oz should be under his control.

As only the most recent of several sequels to one of the most beloved movies of all time, Dorothy of Oz shows the most promise yet. With the Todd Macfarlane/Dakota Fanning adaptation on the skids, this film will be the first in what will probably be a resurgence of sequels, remakes and spin-offs in the coming years.

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