Freddy Vs. The Test Screening

The Nightmare on Elm Street reboot is a pretty big blip on our cinematic radar right now. The trailer dropped and turned people from unabashed skeptics to passive hopefuls, getting us to at least consider getting back on board the remake train. Unfortunately, the latest test screenings indicate that the movie just isn't very good... yet.

The guys over at Spoiler TV got their hands on a casting call indicating some reshoots are in order with an added scene for the retelling of this 1984 classic. Freddy does not appear in the scene, presumably because Jackie Earle Haley did everything so awesome the first time they wouldn't consider doing his stuff over. The scene takes place at a diner where Nancy works and involves a waitress, the grizzled owner, and a group of teenage Freddy fodder. The changes are supposedly minor, but hopefully will be enough to sway crowds at the next screening.

There's no reason to get all flustered about the movie potentially being bad yet. Your expectations should be in check anyway since it can so easily be a big fat failure. The idea of this movie not being great should come as no shock, but don't count it out just yet. With a little tender loving care, A Nightmare on Elm Street should be nursed back to health in no time.