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Friday the 13th has proven lucky for screenwriting team Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, who grabbed the attention of horror fans in 2003 with their mash-up slasher showdown Freddy vs. Jason. The pair later secured their reputations with another Voorhees offering, the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th. Both titles were moderately budgeted box office successes, so Paramount, which produced the latter, is giving Shannon and Swift a chance to spawn an original work of terror.

Heat Vision reveals these penning partners will not only write the proposed picture, but also make their directorial debut on the presently untitled project. At this time details on the in-development offering are being safely guarded, but we do know that the writing team's pitch involved a story with a high school setting. Considering the backdrop and their resumes thus far, it seems certain that this unnamed horror will be a slasher flick.

As a horror fan who grew up in the '80s, the slasher horror subgenre was the first I came to love. But in recent years horror movies have taken on nihilistic turn that rejects the old-school rules, where good girls turn into survivor girls, and now everyone is fair game for a bloody end. Likewise, the horror genre has been flush with remakes and reboots for better or worse, so it's intriguing to see Paramount give scribes who came up through franchises a chance to make something wholly their own. I'll be curious to see what Shannon and Swift do with this project. Will it be a just another rehashing of horror conventions with a glossy new look and a misanthropic mean streak, or will they take this opportunity to do something daring and unexpected? We'll see.