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Friends Rob A Sperm Bank In New Red Band Trailer For The Babymakers

When you're making a comedy about a bunch of guys that try and rob a sperm bank, chances are that a green band trailer isn't going to be the best medium to advertise with. Still, marketing departments have to start somewhere and that's where they went when they delivered the first trailer for The Babymakers earlier this month. Just like with all green band trailers for R-rated comedies, the whole thing was cleaned, sanitized, and made watchable for all audiences. But the nature of the R-rating is that some people aren't going to be allowed to see it because they are too young anyway, so tonight we bring you a trailer meant only for the film's real audience.

Yahoo! has debuted the first red-band trailer for The Babymakers, the new comedy from director Jay Chandrasekhar. As you can imagine - this is a movie from the people who brought youSuper Troopers, after all - there is some fairly not safe for work material in here so either watch it at home or make sure your speakers are turned down. Check it out.

The film stars Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn as Tommy and Audrey, a married couple looking to get pregnant and have a child. After months of trying, however, they can't seem to make it happen and a doctor tells them that Tommy has lazy sperm. Realizing that he once made a sperm deposit so that he could pay for his wife's engagement ring, Tommy brings together his friends to help him steal his sample back, including his best friend, Wade (Kevin Heffernan), and a somewhat-psychotic "professional" named Ron Jon (Chandrasekhar) . The movie also stars Nat Faxon, Collette Wolfe, Aisha Tyler, Wood Harris, Miles Fisher and M.C. Gainey. The Babymakers will be released on August 3rd and you can see more from the project in our Blend Film Database.

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