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In 2007 comedian Will Ferrell, writer-director Adam McKay and writer-producer Chris Henchy launched the website Funny or Die, which became the home to a mix of professional and amateur comedy shorts that could easily judged by the public according to its titular rankings. The success of the site grew its brand, and soon Funny or Die was offering plenty of hilarious content from their crew of oft noteworthy comedians. By 2009, the site earned its own spinoff TV show, filled with crass and wild comedy sketches, and now its sights are set on film.

THR reports Funny Or Die and Scott Steindorff's production company Scott Pictures have formed a multi-year partnership that will aim to produce two to three comedies a year. The resulting movies will look to maintain the mix of edgy, off-kilter humor and the same kind of rough and tumble, celebrity-studded appeal of the site. Hopes are that the comedies will range from micro-budget films to $25 million budget-wise, and that they will shoot in speedy 15 to 20 day productions. Creation of these flicks will be up left to Funny or Die’s stable of writers and directors and comedians, and the features will then be promoted on the site, which boasts more than more than 60 million page views a month thanks to viral vids like "The Landlord."

Looking over Steindoff's filmography that includes mostly dramas like The Lincoln Lawyer and Love In the Time of Cholera, you might think him a strange partner for Funny or Die. However, THR points out his Scott Pictures is "flush with financing." Plus, Steindoff himself has a clear business role model for his collaboration with Funny or Die in National Lampoon, saying, "The hope is that in one of the two or three movies, we find the next Animal House or breakaway comedy."

Alternately, asked for comment on the deal, Ferrell and McKay submitted the following statement:
"Will is riding a bike now eating a tuna sub and reading the script for Elf 2: Sao Paulo Nights but just gave me a big thumbs up on this whole deal for Funny Or Die pictures."

It's a great visual, but also hopefully just a joke. Don't expect Elf 2: Sao Paulo Nights to be in Funny or Die's forthcoming slate.