In 1979, Gary Busey was a leading man on the rise and an Oscar-nominated actor thanks to his starring turn the biopic The Buddy Holly Story. But since then he's become better known for movies like Lethal Weapon and Predator 2, wherein he plays characters who are at the very least unsettling if not outright deranged. As the years have gone on, his public persona has become that of a loopy crackpot, who sometimes deigns to do movies like Piranha 3DD or play a willfully weird version of himself on HBO's Entourage. But when he's not working, Busey is pondering some of life's more confounding questions, like what's the deal with hobbits?

In the bizarre video below—tipped by Film Drunk—Busey considers the Halflings of Middle Earth at length, explaining to no one in particular about their habits, preference for cockroach jewelry, and their indecipherable genders. Check it out and be awe-struck:

To recap: hobbits are cute, but androgynous to the point that they can't even tell the male of the species from the female. They wear "big, wide underwear." The like to travel in packs of four, and they use cockroaches for sport and decoration. They are very efficient, despite being very short.

This is what Busey has discerned about the hobbits. Oh, that and that they aren't fictional. In fact, if you were a hobbit in a past life, Busey would very much like to talk to you about "hobbitism." According this vid's Youtube caption, you can contact him at The Busey Zone.

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