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Girls' Adam Driver Is A Nobleman In The Comedic Period Piece Coward

Adam Driver is certainly using his Girls role, in which he plays Lena Dunham’s eccentric boyfriend also named Adam, as a springboard into an established career, though roles in films like J. Edgar and Lincoln probably haven’t hurt. His next role seems like it will skew more wacky than serious though.

According to Deadline, Driver signed on to take the lead role in the period comedy Coward, adapted from Nick Jones’ popular play The Coward. The film will be directed by Max Winkler, whose other directorial work includes 2010’s romantic comedy Ceremony, and episodes of TV’s The New Normal and The New Girl. Winkler co-wrote the script with Matt Spicer; the duo also worked together on an episode of David Wain’s web series Wainy Days.

Coward, which is dreadfully referred to as “a match between Barry Lyndon and Trading Places,” stars Driver as Lucidus, a not-so-noble 18th century British nobleman who hires a criminal to be his stand-in for a duel he was challenged to. But once the criminal gets a taste of Lucidus’ life, he decides it would be much simpler to just steal his identity. Okay, so Barry Lyndon meets Trading Places is as good a description as any.

Driver apparently took the role over several other offers he was given, but even if it isn’t a masterpiece, he still has four other movies coming out this year, including the Coen Brothers' star-studded Inside Llewyn Davis, the tragedy-based drama Bluebird, the comic romance The F Word and the camel-riding biopic Tracks. It doesn’t look like Driver will be aiming to switch lives with a criminal any time soon.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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