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Godzilla Dominates Advance Ticket Sales Toward Record-Breaking Weekend

Godzilla is already a major hit with critics, and it's gearing up to be a massive hit with audiences. As you can see in the above infographic from the online movie ticket vendor, Fandango, Godzilla is the most anticipated film in theaters this weekend. But that's just the tip of the iceberg on this monster movie's growing momentum.

Fandango (opens in new tab) has revealed that Godzilla has proven a major draw to their customers. Already tickets for Godzilla represent more than 80% of the sites sales for this weekend. The reboot from director Gareth Edwards is currently outpacing sales for such much-anticipated tent poles as Thor: The Dark World, World War Z, Prometheus, and Pacific Rim, at similar times in their own respective countdowns to opening. All this has Fandango predicting that Godzilla will be the biggest opening for a monster movie the site has seen in its 14 years of existence.

What's drawing in so many to see Godzilla on its opening weekend? Fandango polled over one thousand ticket-buyers on this very topic, and here's what they saw as the film's biggest selling points:

• 95% say it will be the first Godzilla movie they’ll see on the big screen

• 76% plan to see the movie with a group of friends

• 74% grew up watching Godzilla movies at home

• 61% said that Bryan Cranston has made them more excited to see the movie

Bryan Cranston actually sat down with Fandango, and talked about some onset drama he had with the film's biggest star. "I thought he was a jerk," he admits. Check out Cranston dishing on Godzilla's big-timer antics.

In other reasons why Godzilla is an absolute must-see this weekend, here's a featurette on why you should see its massive spectacle in IMAX:

In the vid above, Edwards confesses it's been a life-long dream of his to make a movie for the IMAX format. And take it from someone who has already seen Godzilla in IMAX 3D twice, it shows. For more on the film's use of IMAX and 3D read our To 3D or Not To 3D write-up.

Godzilla opens in some venues at 7PM today, and nationwide tomorrow.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.