Mothra! (Probably)
Mothra has been the most-discussed Godzilla Easter Egg among fans. The creature is hinted at in the scene where Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) and his son, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), return to the scientist’s quarantined home. In the foreground, you can spot a broken aquarium with what supposedly housed a metamorphosis because there is a label "Moth." That piece of tape is covering up another label that adds the letters "ra."

That’s a hat-tip to Godzilla’s nemesis Mothra, a kaiju who appeared on screen in 1961 and recurred in several Toho Godzilla films. To some fans, Mothra is "The Joker" to Godzilla’s "Batman." Toho, I believe, would have to grant Legendary Pictures the rights to include famous creatures like Mothra, Ghidorah, Rodan or Anguirus. But with Godzilla tearing up the box office, those conversations should be brief, and fruitful.

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