Last night at the Golden Globes one of the biggest surprises was Quentin Tarantino's screenwriting win for Django Unchained. Not because the script isn't daring and deserving, but because the movie has been plagued by controversy at every turn. Still the Hollywood Foreign Press didn't mind, and gave Tarantino a prize he clearly didn't expect. Revisit his acceptance speech below:

"This is a damn surprise and I am happy to be surprised," Tarantino concludes, and while it was a suitably charming way for him to accept this honor, I thought it was a sign of resignation that he will not win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. It's been said over and over that the Academy, who determines the winners of the Oscars, is predominantly made up of old white men who are frustratingly resistant to dramatic shifts in narrative cinema. And with the many, many, many, controversies surrounding Tarantino's genre-bending spaghetti western, it seems like Django Unchained will be Oscar's outside shot.

Yes, it has scored five nominations, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Supporting Actor (Christoph Waltz), Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture. However, in 20 years of movie making, Tarantino has become one of America's most talked about auteurs. Yet only two of his films have won Oscars. Pulp Fiction won for Best Screenplay, but after losing in six other categories—five of which are far more prestigious—this almost seemed a consolation prize. And Inglourious Basterds had eight nominations—including nods for Tarantino as director and screenwriter—but only won one, Best Supporting Actor for Christoph Waltz.

Basically, if the Academy stays true to form, Django Unchained will take home one award on Oscar night. And since Waltz, who also won last night, offers a radical turn from his last Academy-recognized role, my money is on him to win it, and Tarantino to applaud enthusiastically but go home empty handed. But hey, he'll always have the Globes.

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