A Good Day To Die Hard TV Spot Has John McClane Bringing Destruction To Russia

Like many movie fans, I closed out my Christmas with a screening of the legendary action film Die Hard. Set during the holiday season, Bruce Willis kicking German terrorist ass has long been a tradition for me and I'm always excited for the opportunity. Sadly the series hasn't been set during Christmas since Die Hard 2: Die Harder, but that doesn't mean we can celebrate with some John McClane action.

20th Century Fox has released a brand new TV spot for A Good Day To Die Hard, which isn't long, but is filled with some major action. Check it out below!

The fifth film in the franchise, the sequel has McClane (Willis) flying to Russia so that he can bail his son Jack (Jai Courtney) out of prison. While there, however, he stumbles upon plans for a terrorist attack against the U.S. and father and son have to team up in order to stop the villains from executing their plan. John Moore, who is best known for directing the video game adaptation Max Payne, and the remakes The Omen and Flight of the Phoenix, is helming the project based on a script written by Skip Woods (X-Men Originst: Wolverine). While A Good Day To Die Hard isn't getting a Christmas theme or a Christmas release date, it is coming out for a holiday, as it will hit theaters February 14th (aka Valentine's Day). In the meantime, for more from the movie hit up our Blend Film Database.

Eric Eisenberg
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