When it was reported on Wednesday that the planned film adaptation of Eric Powell's The Goon was dead, I had my doubts. Paul Giamatti, who will voice Franky if the movie ever gets made, suggested during an interview that the project had run out of money and was no longer happening. In my piece about the interview, I hoped that Giamatti was simply out of the loop and didn't have the most up-to-date information. Thankfully, I was right.

Following the release of the news, Powell took to his official website to let fans know that The Goon movie is still very much in development and that David Fincher and Blur Studios are still looking for financing. According to the comic creator, they haven't run out of money simply because they "never had any money to run out of." As I guessed, Giammati hasn't been kept in the loop about the project, which is what resulted in the miscommunication. Following Powell's post, he received an email from Giamatti apologizing for his comments. Wrote Powell,
"I just got an email from Giamatti saying he feels like a douche that this became a topic. He did say that he facetiously muttered, 'Maybe they can't get the money,' but never said anything about money drying up. But as everyone knows, this is how the internet works. He also said I could declare him full of crap and a nuisance... which would only make him more suited to play Franky, but are completely untrue. His time already devoted to this project is greatly appreciated."

This is fantastic news. I still regularly watch the test footage that was first shown at Comic Con 2010 and cross my fingers that somebody will be smart enough to give Powell, Fincher and Blur the money that they need to get the movie made. It's not too late, Goon fans. There's still hope!

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