After leading Captain Jack Sparrow through his pretend drunken paces during the last four or five years, director Gore Verbinski is ready for something new. So how about a mutant squidlike creature? Sounds like the perfect match.

According to Variety, Verbinski will produce a remake of the 2006 Korean thriller, The Host. The original was a huge hit in Korea and was well received by US critics (like ours.) The story combines a mutant monster movie with the workings of a dysfunctional family trying to save one of their members from the clutches of the mutant. That sounds like the original plot for Casablanca before re-writes.

Verbinksi will not direct the remake, handing over directing reigns to Fredrik Bond. Bond has no feature films to his credit but has directed some Nike commercials, which probably featured giant mutant squids. No, seriously, Bond said “[The Host] processes a few genres together, and visually it feels close to the stuff I've made over the last few years in commercials, the tonality of humor and the scale." I must have missed the giant squid attacking Korea commercials he did for Levis.

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