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Gore Verbinski Officially Directing Lone Ranger

Frequent Johnny Depp associate and rumored director of a possible Clue reimagining Gore Verbinski has officially agreed to helm The Lone Ranger for Disney. A few months ago, we reported some rumors on his possible involvement, but now we know for sure, which is strange considering so much about the project is still up in the air.

According to Deadline, there’s still no production date. There’s also no Lone Ranger, which seems like a fairly important piece of casting, but with Johnny Depp on board to play Tonto, Jerry Bruckheimer producing and now Verbinski at the helm, something tells me The Lone Ranger will be able to cast whoever and shoot wherever they want. Really, the larger question is whether audiences will still be interested in watching The Lone Ranger.

Re-runs of the old television program may be running in syndication somewhere, but many from the internet generation don’t know about Silver or whoever the bad guy is. They certainly didn’t care about that horrible made for TV version with Chad Michael Murray, but something tells me this one might be a little better. Only time will tell, some, yet to be determined, length of time.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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