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Is This The Greatest Movie-Related Bong In History?

There are about a million smart and clever ideas packed into the runtime of Drew Goddard's brilliant horror movie The Cabin in the Woods, but perhaps the film's greatest is the coffee mug water pipe. Used by Marty, the pot head character played by Fran Kranz, the plastic and metal container looks like a normal thermos, but in reality it actually extends like a telescope and has a detachable hollow handle that can be reinserted in the bottom. To own one of these thermos bongs would be to own the best possible prop replica from The Cabin In The Woods - and the best news of all is that fans will soon get their chance to purchase one.

While there's no actual mention of The Cabin In The Woods on their website - perhaps just for legal reasons - the company Iron Man Designs LLC has revealed that they have designed their very own telescoping coffee mug water pipe that will soon be available for purchase. Of course, this story would be a lot less cool if there weren't any pictures, but the good news is that the site is happy to provide. You can see it below in both compact and full mode:

Cabin in the Woods Bong

And here is a still from The Cabin in the Woods. It's pretty damn accurate!

Cabin in the Woods Bong

There currently is no release date or price information available on the official website, though there is an email set up for curious and interested buyers.

As awesome as it is, this pipe does spark an interesting debate: what is the greatest movie-related bong? I would certainly put the Cabin in the Woods coffee mug on the list, but what about the insanely huge Billy Bong Thornton from Half Baked?

Half Baked Bong

There's also the great simplicity found in Brad Pitt's Honey Bear bong from True Romance:

True Romance Bong

Which one is the best? I'm personally still a big fan of the Cabin in the Woods model just for sheer creativity. But I'll let you all fight it out in the comments section below.

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