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Greg Berlanti Not Attached To Direct The Flash, Script Due Before Christmas

As the production has progressed, things have been looking great for The Flash. First, back in June, three of the four writers behind the upcoming Green Lantern were hired by Warner Bros. to write a treatment for the film. Then, in September, writer Marc Guggenheim told the press that the treatment had been completed. Most recently, Greg Berlanti, who is not only working on the project but has been rumored to direct it since February, said that the script was finally being written. With the newest news, they are taking another step forward, but also one back.

Deadline is reporting from an inside source that the scripts for both The Flash and Green Lantern 2 are expected to be completed some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Great to finally have a timeline right? We might get to see a Flash movie sooner than we expected! One little problem: there's no director. According to the source, it is unlikely that Berlanti will direct the project "because he kinda wants to do something in between size-wise first before attempting something that large." That, however, may change if Warner Bros. likes the script enough, but the unnamed source doesn't like the odds.

While the perfect actor to play Barry Allen/The Flash is already being used in the DC Universe (Damn you, Ryan Reynolds! Why do you have to be so popular?), I couldn't be more excited about the prospects for this project. The word going around is that Green Lantern is going to blow audiences away and the Warner Bros. only picked up the project because the script was so damn good. Comic fans have been waiting for DC to get more involved in the movie business for years now and with this news paired with the comments by Geoff Johns at this year's New York Comic Con, it looks as though it's finally happening.

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