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Rarely has Pixar had more fun marketing a movie than they’re having with Toy Story 3. In the years since we last saw the gang from Andy’s room, technology has advanced far enough that generating new content using the characters they’ve already created for the movie has become, relatively speaking, easy. Pixar is taking full advantage of that to come up with all kinds of clever little videos, most of which you’ve probably seen here on Cinema Blend. But this one tops them all.

Pixar’s having the most fun with one of the movie’s new characters, Ken. In this video, Ken really comes into his own to show off his swingin pad and brag about his super cool lifestyle. He seems blissfully unaware that it’s Barbie’s name on his packaging and even though he’s mostly purchased by girls, Ken thinks of himself as a role model for boys. His delusion is your entertainment. Click play below and start Groovin’ With Ken.

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