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You know how, in the old days of video stores, you would walk in among the shelves of movies and never know what to rent? The movies all looked so good and fun, and you could never choose just one! Now imagine Guillermo del Toro doing that, but instead of picking movies to rent, he's picking movies to direct-- and he never, ever seems to be able to make a decision.

Yes, he will finally be back in theaters next summer with Pacific Rim, the first movie he's directed since 2008's Hellboy 2. But he's seemed to spend much more time mentioning projects he might direct and then backed out of, most notably The Hobbit, which Peter Jackson picked up. Now it looks like another del Toro directing project may not pan out. Giving Collider an update on The Haunted Mansion, the Disney project he announced at Comic Con two years ago, del Toro said it's still in the works, but it's still totally unclear if del Toro is actually directing it:

I still would love to make that movie. I came on board originally as a writer and producer, the decision I think they may be waiting, is for me to say I’m directing the movie. Or am I directing it next, which is too early for me to know what I’m doing next in live-action. I’m in the middle of Pacific Rim and I don’t know what I’m going to do next.

Del Toro has turned in a recent draft of the script, though, and says he has a meeting scheduled with Disney in three weeks, so there is at least active development happening. But though Disney has moved forward on adapting other rides, like the Matterhorn and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, there's still been no actual updates on Haunted Mansion. Del Toro signing on to direct really could be the push they need to make the movie happen, but it's clear del Toro isn't ready for that kind of commitment yet. So if you're still holding your breath for Haunted Mansion-- and seriously, how have you avoided breathing for so long?-- hold it a little longer. If del Toro, the man who enthusiastically tries to make every movie on the planet, says there's no news, there's really nothing happening there right now.

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