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Last we heard from the Wachowskis, they were working on a gay soldiers at war movie called Cobalt Neural 9, but now it seems they may have latched on to something less controversial in the form of Cloud Atlas. It’s based on a book which tells a series of stories starting in the 19th century and ending in a post-apocalyptic future. Post-apocalyptic is always right up the Wachowskis’ alley and they have a stellar cast lined up. Natalie Portman, Tom Hanks, and Halle Berry may be involved.

The latest word on Cloud Atlas comes straight from Halle Berry herself, spotted by speaking about the project at a recent NAACP Image Awards screening. She says they’re shooting it this summer. Here’s the full interview:

Word is that Natalie at least, isn’t a done deal yet, just a strong possibility. Of the three actors she’s the only one with a previous connection to the Wachowskis, having worked for them on V for Vendetta which they produced… and seem to get all the credit for even though they didn’t direct it. It’s easy to imagine her in their world, Tom Hanks and Halle Berry though seem like more of a stretch.

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