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DC Comics has long had distinct advantage over Marvel where big screen adaptations are concerned. While the latter sold off the movie rights to many of its most popular characters years ago – including Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four – the former made a partnership with Warner Bros. pictures years ago that kept all of the company’s characters under one roof. Only now, however, does it appear that DC is finally taking advantage of this fact.

The comic book movie world was completely blown away this past week when a rumored scheduled for DC Comics’ upcoming projects popped up online and revealed a plan to make seven movies over the next four years:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - May 2016
Shazam - July 2016
Sandman - Christmas 2016
Justice League - May 2017
Wonder Woman - July 2017
Flash and Green Lantern - Christmas 2017
Man Of Steel 2 - May 2018

While this lineup has not yet been confirmed by either DC Comics or Warner Bros. (if it’s real, an official announcement is expected at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con), that hasn’t stopped fans around the globe from completely losing their minds over the prospect. Three movies a year? A Shazam movie so soon? Wonder Woman coming so close to Justice League? It seem like madness, but it would be fascinating if it turns out to be true.

Joining me to try and dissect this latest development on this week’s episode of Hero Blend is Cinema Blend’s very own Sean O’Connell. There’s a lot to go over, so hit play now!

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