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We’ve seen a handful of trailers and TV spots for How to Train Your Dragon, but it’s nearly impossible to gauge the film’s potential without a clip. Thanks to Coming Soon, we bring you an actual clip and a new featurette from the DreamWorks Animation fantasy film about the long-standing feud between Vikings and dragons.

This clip features our hero, Hiccup (Jay Baruchel). He’s a bit of an oddball on the island of Berk especially in the dragon slaying department and this clip shows it. Rather than take advantage of an injured beast’s weak condition, he decides to help him fly again. Not only does the clip reveal the film’s soft side, but its adventurous one as well. If the footage is this impressive on the computer, imagine what it’ll look like in 3D.

Hot on the heels of that clip is this featurette detailing the six different types of dragons. There’s the Gronckle, the rock eater resembling a bulldog, the Deadly Nadder, the swift and aggressive beast with the power to melt steel and the Night Fury, a dragon so mysterious there’s no confirmed statistical data. Well, except that your best chances to survive a Night Fury attack is to hide. There’s also the Monstrous Nightmare, the biggest of the bunch and paradoxically, the smallest species called the Terrible Terror. Lastly, there’s the Hideous Zippleback, a two-headed beast that doesn’t breath fire, but creates explosions.

This featurette may be a little on the boring history lesson-esque side, but you’ve got to admit, these are some creatively designed creatures. It seems as though Hiccup’s new friend falls under the Night Fury category. The Night Fury is the most intelligent of all the breeds, so if any dragon is trainable, it’s him.

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