"But everyone loves Superman!" was the common response I faced for years when forced to admit my apathy to the Man of Steel. I've had friends, family, ex-boyfriends, and colleagues try to convince me Clark Kent/Kal-El wasn't a big blue bore to no avail. I get it: as a super powerful alien living among us, he is the ultimate outsider. He has the physical ability to destroy cities— as we've seen—and yet he chooses to be a good guy. As Max Landis recently broke it down, "What's special about Superman is that he will always make the right choice." I know. And frankly, while I understand his dilemma on an intellectual level, his goody-two-shoe-ness (for lack of a better word) is precisely what I've always found boring. I never felt a connection to his struggle through all the steely-eyed renditions of the character I'd seen.

For the record, I've watched Superman, Superman II, Superman Returns, Man of Steel, some episodes of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (because I was alive in the '90s and not living under a rock) as well as a variety of cartoons in which Superman was featured. The names of those, I couldn't tell you. While I read comics, I have never gotten into Superman-centric DC. And none of what I had been exposed to has made me understand why people go so crazy for this particular superhero. With the release of Man of Steel, I'd hoped that this would at last be my turning point, or more precisely my entry point into enjoying the plethora of Metropolis-centered media that had never appealed to me before! To put it mildly, Man of Steel's slapdash character building and mind-boggling exposition did not help one bit.

So, Katey and I hashed out my issues with Superman, and called out to those of you who loved him to give me the key I need to be an outsider no more! You, our readers, were quick to suggest a string of comics including, Superman: Secret Identity, Superman: Birthright, Superman: Secret Origin, Superman: For All Seasons and Superman: Earth One. And while I await for those to arrive on my doorstep, I took to Netflix Instant to indulge in the suggested viewings I got. And this is where I at long last had my breakthrough! I watched Superman Vs. The Elite.

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