I, Robot 3D Blu-Ray Gift Set Will Come With A Bust Of Sonny

Will Smith has a bunch of big budget sequels listed on imdb as flicks that are probably going to be made at some point or another, including a noticeable listing for I, Robot 2 set to hit theaters in 2015. Whether or not the sequel based on the Isaac Asimov story will ever get made seems to be a toss up for now, but if it does come, I have an inkling audiences will be getting it in 3D.

The big hint that says we may see a 3D sequel comes with the news the original I, Robot film is being converted to 3D and will appear on shelves in a variety of 3D formats very soon. The big draw for the 3D release is a limited edition “Sonny Sculpture” gift set, which will predominantly feature a creepy bust of Alan Tudyk’s Sonny that will come in some pretty snazzy packaging.

The regular Blu-ray 3D sets and the limited edition gift sets won’t street until October 23, but if you happen to be hanging out at Comic Con right now, you may be one of the lucky 250 able to pre-order a set over at booth #4313. There’s no word on exact bonus features with the sets so far, but the box with the gift set looks pretty huge, and Fox Home Entertainment is assuring us it will come with the 3D Blu-ray, a DVD version of the film, and an entire disc of extras. I don’t know if I really need an excess of I, Robot featurettes, especially considering the $99 cost of the set, but who couldn’t use a robot bust to match their mini Napoleon sculpture or their hipster owl fireplace ornament?