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The Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures four-film set finally hit Blu-ray today. Not only do all of the films in the Indiana Jones series come with the set, but a ton of bonus features are along for the epic ride, as well. Now, to celebrate the release, Paramount has a very special bonus feature clip to share with fans.

The clip was filmed during the shooting for Raiders of the Lost Ark and comes as part of the “On Set with Raiders of the Lost Ark” featurette. The bonus features starts out with a shot showing off a pretty rough looking stunt, and low and behold, we find out lead actor Harrison Ford actually accomplished the whole thing himself. It’s pretty interesting to hear what Ford has to say about the stunts on set, and I can’t wait to see more extrapolated out when my own copy arrives (Did I sound too gleeful? I may or may not have been squealing a little as I typed that line).

Late last week, Paramount also introduced us to “The Diaries of Indiana Jones,” an app with drawings and handwritten text that also takes a look at Raiders of the Lost Ark. Or, you can be as quick as a whip and skedaddle over to the page where we run down the full list of bonus features. Spoiler alert: there’s no commentary from George Lucas. However, there’s so many goodies with the set, it almost doesn’t matter.

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