Inside Llewyn Davis Singing Onto Blu-ray In March

Ethan and Joel Coen have churned out movies with different styles and sensibilities over the years, ranging from the music-less drama No County For Old Men to comedies like Raising Arizona. This year, they brought us another drama, this time filled with music. After making a run on the festival circuit, Inside Llewyn Davis headed to theaters, and will finally be making its way into homes on March 11.

inside llewyn davis box

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is behind the Blu-ray, Digital and DVD release, which follows a struggling musician named Llewyn. The film is set in 1961, a time when folk music hasn’t really found its niche—even in the progressive Greenwich Village—but Llewyn is on a mission to make his voice heard. The film features an enviable soundtrack and great performances from Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman and more, who bring both humor and emotion to their respective roles. The Blu-ray has a list price of $35.99 and a DVD list price of $30.99.

The coming months are an ideal time for potential awards winners to put together home entertainment releases. Inside Llewyn Davis might have earned plenty of good grades from critics, but the film hasn’t nabbed as many awards nominations as you might guess. The Academy Awards, for instance only chose to nominate the flick in the Sound Mixing and Cinematography categories. It’s no surprise, then, that the Blu-ray trailer focuses more on critical response than nominations.

If there’s anything that can be a problem with the Coen brothers’ ability to change sensibilities from film to film, it’s that the brothers’ movies don’t always get as big of a push from the studio. Inside Llewyn Davis technically earned a wide release, but there were plenty of areas the film didn’t reach, making the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital release a good value for curious movie seekers.

The only bonus feature available with both the Blu-ray and DVD for the film is a behind-the-scenes featurette called "Inside Inside Llewyn Davis." The Coens don’t strike me as people that might be invested in bonus features, but since behind-the-scenes footage has surfaced related to the film in the past, it makes sense there would be some extra footage on the disc. You can pre-order Inside Llewyn Davis over at Amazon (opens in new tab). Or you can just wait until it's actually released. Either way, the careful and highly affecting film is definitely worth your money.

Jessica Rawden
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