This list is wrong. We’re just going to put that out there at the beginning. Only picking 10 great characters from Coen Brothers movies is like picking your favorite child, which is to say, you have one, but it changes often, mostly depending on your own mood. There were some tough choices made here, and honestly if we had made this list yesterday, or tomorrow, or under the influence of slightly more wine, it would have likely been very different.

We have limited our list to one character per film so as to give everybody a clear shot and prevent the list from turning into Our 10 Favorite Characters From The Big Lebowski, because seriously, that nearly happened. Here are our 10 favorite characters of the moment from the history of the Coen Brothers on screen.

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10. Amy Archer - The Hudsucker Proxy
While most of the rest of the country is only now remembering what a badass Jennifer Jason Leigh is thanks to The Hateful Eight, a few of us who watched too many movies in high school never actually forgot this fact. In The Hudsucker Proxy, Leigh plays Amy Archer, a note perfect 1930’s fast talking dame who looks like she just walked out of Bringing up Baby or The Lady Eve. Her dialogue is nearly musical in it’s perfection. She hits every beat. She’s also, quite possibly, the most on-the-ball and competent person on this entire list.

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