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'The Internship' Poised To Be Biggest Comedy Of 2005

This weekend sees the long-awaited reteam of Wedding Crashers' stars Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson in the new comedy The Internship. But has it been too long awaited? Sure, the R-rated Wedding Crashers was a huge hit, not only scoring big with critics but also mounting a surprisingly huge box office total of $285 million worldwide. But that was eight summers ago. And some are saying this latest collaboration may as well have come out then. Specifically, the folks at The Onion are pointing out The Internship feels painfully dated from its fading stars, to its off-the-mark pop culture references, and a premise that hasn't been fresh for nearly a decade. Their barbs above may be one note, but their point lands nonetheless.

Penned by Vaughn and The Watch scribe Jared Stern, The Internship is a PG-13 rated comedy directed by Shawn Levy, whose best known for family-friendly adventure movies like Night at the Museum and Real Steel. Vaughn and Wilson star as two middle-aged men forced by a changing economy to leave behind their careers as salesmen and throw themselves into the digital age by taking an internship at a crazy tech company you might have heard of. It's called Google. Up against much younger and more tech savvy peers, these two flounder to understand this wacky new world of interweb work.

For all the reasons mentioned in the vid above, expectations are low for The Internship. But both its stars have more promising projects around the corner. Wilson is set to reunite with Wes Anderson for the mysterious Grand Budapest Hotel; plus he's signed on to Paul Thomas Anderson's already enticing crime drama Inherent Vice. For his part, Vaughn will return to theaters this fall in Delivery Man, the English-language remake of the celebrated Canadian comedy Starbuck.

The Internship opens Friday.

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