JJ Abrams' Secret Super 8 Movie Is Not A Cloverfield Sequel

Yesterday several sites unrelated to this one started circulating the rumor that JJ Abrams’ mysterious, secret film project Super 8 was actually a sequel to Cloverfield. They said it with such certainty that everyone seemed to believe it. JJ Abrams, however, now says they’re full of it. Talking to NY Mag he says of the film, “it has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield, despite your expert reporting.”

That seems pretty definitive. So what is it? We’ll find out Friday morning shortly after midnight when the film’s first trailer debuts in front of Iron Man 2 here in America. For now Abrams, as he did with Cloverfield, is going to extraordinary lengths to keep it under wraps. The movie’s trailer was even sent to theaters in special canisters which required a code to be opened.

Check back here on Cinema Blend first thing Friday morning and we’ll have all the details.

Josh Tyler