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James McAvoy Buys Drugs And Photocopies His Wedding Tackle In New Red Band Filth Clips

If the first trailers for the film are to be believed, director Jon S. Baird's adaptation of Irvine Welsh's novel Filth promises to be one seriously disturbed and perverted piece of cinema - and I for one can't wait for it. James McAvoy looks to be in rare form stepping into the shoes of insanely corrupt police officer Bruce Robertson, and the movie as a whole looks as though it has hit a perfect note of manic craziness. And that all definitely comes through in the new red band clips and a big group of stills that have been posted over on The Playlist.

Let's start with the clips, shall we? In this first one, we start by seeing Bruce head to the bathroom for what looks like some kind of shady drug deal, and then when he rejoins his friends in a private room in a bar we are made witness to a pretty disgusting display of homophobia:

Next up we have a scene that seems to take place during some kind of office function and has the lead character suggesting a fun game that everyone can play involving a photocopier and "wedding tackle." Naturally, Bruce finds a way to cheat...

While you will be able to find the full gallery of 16 high-res images over at The Playlist, below we've pulled out five of our favorites in the bunch, which involve McAvoy abusing co-star Eddie Marsan, Jim Broadbent looking totally psychotic, and much more.

Filth McAvoy Marsan

Filth McAvoy Bagpipes

Filth McAvoy Broadbent

Filth McAvoy Marsan 2

Filth McAvoy woman in red

As excited as we are to see Filth, however, what we still don't know is when we'll actually get a chance to do it. The film will be opening in Scotland on September 27th and will be expanding to the rest of the UK and Ireland on October 4th, but it has not yet found distribution here in the United States. Hopefully we won't end up having to wait too long for the movie to make it over here, but more importantly I just hope it's worth the wait.

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