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There's lots of reasons to not make a Kane & Lynch movie, not the least of which being that maybe three video game movies have actually been good, and even fewer have followed the story set forth by the source material. So with the odds already against them, why are Millenium and Lionsgate even moving forward with this project based on a video game that was just mediocre?

Even in the short, one paragraph article over at Deadline, they were able to change enough about the story to make it hardly recognizable as the Kane & Lynch you know from the game. Already on board as Kane is Bruce Willis, who fans have been crying for since the first game dropped a couple years ago. Now Jamie Foxx has signed on to play Lynch. Cue relentless fan boy rage. Funny story about Lynch: he's a white guy. Not that turning him into a black guy is that big of a deal, but it's infuriating when details are changed without reason. Imdb has Michael Biehn listed as "rumored," who would be an infinitely better man for the job of Lynch.

Also changed is the crux of the story. The game centers around two mercenaries who are forced to take on a mission to recover a boatload of money before their old crew, The7, kills Kane's wife and daughter. In the film the two will instead be after a doomsday device. It's clear that this change comes from a room full of executives spouting off ideas about how they could make the story more gripping, to which obviously one of them replied, "let's blow up the world!" Weak.

The film is being directed by long time stunt coordinator Simon Crane and will be his first effort behind the lens.

There's no telling where they'll go from here with this, but a couple of bad decisions have already been made and they haven't even started filming yet. As low as my hopes already are for video game movies, I'll be keeping them even lower for this one.

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