Japan Has Its Own Batman, And He Is So Awesome

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Nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh… Bat fan!

The hook about Batman is that he’s an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things. OK, he’s a multi-millionaire pouring his family fortune into a one-man war on organized crime. But Bruce Wayne isn’t an alien from the planet Krypton, or a mutant blessed with a genetic enhancement. He’s a man, who pushes himself to physical and psychological extremes to persevere and protect. If you stripped away the costume, he’d look a little bit like us. And if we had his resources, we could look a little bit like him.

That is the calling card of this one extreme Japanese fan who – according to HitFix – went the extra mile to build his own authentic Batsuit and Batcycle to cruise "down the highway in Chiba Prefecture," located east of Tokyo. The Wall Street Journal adds that appearances of this incredible hero "[date] back about three years, according to some tweets," and that the superhero impersonator "has also been spotted outside Chiba in Yokohama and Tokyo’s Akihabara district." Naturally, the Caped Crusader earned the nickname "Chibatman" from area supporters.

So awesome.

A lot of "Chibatman" photos have been making their way around the Web as of late. My favorite has to be the Dark Knight stuck in traffic. Imagine seeing this in your rear-view mirror?

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That kind of thing never happens to the real Batman! Well, if we're being honest, Batman would have a helicopter, grappling hook, and inventive toys to get him out of such situation. Then again, most of the time, "Chibatman" is able to hit the open road and unleash his home-made BatCycle in his quest for justice. In which case, he looks like this:

That was better than The Dark Knight Rises! So sleep easier, Japan, knowing that this crime fighter is in your midst. Now, let’s pray there isn’t a "Chi-Joker" or a "Chi-Pengin" in the works.

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