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Yesterday we brought you the news that Charlize Theron and Will Smith were officially returning for roles in Hancock 2, and that Peter Berg had plans to add a third superhero to the cast. Now in this morning's Variety there's an added bit of casting-- Jason Bateman will be back as well.

That was a fair assumption, based on Berg's statement that "everyone" would be back for a sequel, but Bateman's character was very much a third wheel in the first film, and might have been dispensable this time around. It's actually hard to see how he'll fit into the story as Variety describes it [SPOILER ALERT FOR HANCOCK]-- apparently the sequel will explore world of superheroes/gods that Theron and Smiths' characters come from.

No talent has officially signed on, apparently, but unless Bateman is offered a very sweet deal for the Arrested Development movie, I imagine his participation is close to a sure thing. Sounds fine to me-- every movie, no matter how bizarre, benefits from added Jason Bateman.
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